Fremont Park

Santa Cruz Ave & University Dr

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Sand Hill Road East Exit

Bayfront Expressway

Santa Cruz Ave, El Camino by Cafe Barone

Hamilton Park



Oleg Lobykin

Talking Heads 

Proposal is for location Fremont Park

Talking Heads is an 18-ft high abstract sculpture, a spatial composition based on a balance between negative and positive space in conjunction with a line that can create an image or point of reference to spark imagination. 


The open-ended title invites you to consider. What comes to mind as you regard the piece? Maybe you see some seeming silhouettes, maybe your association jumps to music, or perhaps political pundits cross your mind. What if there are little voices inside your head arguing over what it means? 


Although the shape is organic, the S-316 high chromium stainless steel is clearly a man-made material. There is a covert connection to technology here. Could that cause you to contemplate communication, including the impact of social media? Is everybody only talking, or is somebody listening? 


This is a work of imagination, inviting the engagement of curiosity with creativity. The viewer can experience a multiplicity of meanings, depending on what goes on inside their own heads. Some may prefer looking at an object, while others like looking through the object. Maybe everyone lives in different realities, physical and virtual. Talking Heads can show the power of imagination to lead us into a metaphysical and magical experience of metamorphosis.



Gordon Huether


Proposal is for location Sand Hill Road East Exit

The sculpture, a vibrant yellow open-ended circle, is intended as a metaphor for constant growth and healing, wholeness and development. It also expresses the idea of community, of life, strength, vitality, and the idea that all things are connected.

Block Bench / Adam Wiedmann


Adam Wiedmann

Block Benches

The first idea is to use this block design to create benches.  The primary component would be stainless steel as seen in these images.  However stainless steel can get rather hot in the sun.  I would propose putting a 2”-3” thick wood seat on the blocks, or making the top surface from formed wood.  The formed wood top also would deter people from laying down on the pieces as it would be curved and not flat.  After scouting out sites I envisioned these benches along Santa Cruz Ave and for continuity creating a block pile sculpture in Camp Fremont Park.  The park sculpture could be a wonderful place to combine function and art.  Children could climb all over it and it would bring a sense of playfulness and movement that originally inspired the design seen above.  Benches throughout the city could be paired with leaning sculptural and stacked blocks.  It really would be something.  I also like the idea of elongating and narrowing the block form.



David Middlebrook

Hot Air

Truths and non truths are floating around all the time.  It is a balancing act. The whistle is the sound of an alarm that some thing gone awry.  Should we be aware  or beware or just let it float away. We usually do both with the next news cycle. What can we believe.   Whistle draws attention to something alarming.  The balance of the whistle indicates  -- whistle blowers hard to believe

2018-04-25 23.13.26_edited.jpg


Oleg Lobykin


Proposal is for location Bayfront Expressway

Pixel stretches a square to fit a cube, a transformation point in dimensions. Its surface shifts the reflected surroundings 90°. It is a symbol of the digital era, where virtual reality reflects the physical.

Screen Shot 2019-11-09 at 11.44.16


Tor Archer

Mother Earth

Proposal is for location Hamilton Park

"I work primarily from the solitary, standing female form as a representation of the life giving, nurturing and creative force of Nature and the archetypal association of the female body with the earth.  I think of these figures as akin to religious iconography and objects of veneration.  In the creation of the work I take inspiration from the direct observation of the natural world, both microcosmic and macrocosmic.  



Lin Evola

SV Peace Angel

Proposal is for location Sand Hill Road

She is best known for making metal sculptures of angels out of melted weapons such as guns or nuclear weapons casings. She has been honored at the United Nations by Sergio Duarte, has collected weapons to build a statue at One Police Plaza in New York City, and has gifted a work to Bill Clinton, "the first recipient of a Peace Angel"